Lifetime Membership FAQ

You will get free lifetime access if you meet ALL of the below criteria:
  • you became a patron between 29th of july 2021 (or earlier) and 15th of january 2022
  • you’ve stayed a patron for a minimum of six months since then without pausing.
you became a patron on december 10th, you will be automatically set to lifetime-member on 1st of may. If you cancel your membership, you will still have access to all content.
You won’t get a notification after reaching 6 months. The patronage will continue until you cancel it manually.
You’ll have to cancel your patronage manually through patreon.
The project would loose to many patrons at once if this happened automatically.
Also, now that you have gained the lifetime status, I still hope you’ll keep supporting the Mindgasm project financially. All revenue is used to evolve it.
Since October  2022: The last App update added an automatic check, if your Patreon account is eligible. If it is, your account keeps accessm even if you stop the patreon subscription. Please make sure to still keep the account, as we use that connection to check for valid VIP history.

Old, previous to October 2022:

Until then follow these steps:
  • Make sure you are logged into patreon.
  • Go to this login page and click “login with patreon”
  • Click “Allow” on the next screen.
  • You now have access to all content here:
  • Find these links also at the very bottom of
Usually VIP status is set automatically. But Patreons integration is .. buggy – to put it nicely. In some cases I’ll need to fix things manually.
If you followed the above steps but still get the “connect to Patreon” button, something went wrong. In most previous cases, users changed/removed their email from patreon. A working email in patreon is necessary to identify you (still anonymized, I am not interested in your data).
Follow these steps:
  • Make sure you have a valid email-adress set in patreon.
  • Send me a quick direct message through patreons internal messaging system, Please include your patreon name and that email.
  • Give me a little time to set things up manually. I’ll let you know through patreon once your status has been updated.
  • go through “how to access” steps again 
If for some unknown reasons it still won’t work, let’s skip  troubleshooting and I’ll just create a new account, I’ll need your permission to use your email for that, you’ll receive login and password to that mail which you can use to login here
Just give me a quick OK in the patreon messages and I’ll do that. Include your preferred username and the email you wan’t to use. I’ll set things up. Sorry for the hazzle – you’re an early bird, it’s all just starting to take shape.