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Here you will learn how to achieve minute long orgasms, over hours, without touching yourself.
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Mindful Intimacy: The Art of Slow Pairplay

Mindful Intimacy: The Art of Slow Pairplay Hello, this is Mindgasm practitioner Innerdream. In this guest blogpost, I want to share some insights on integrating Mindgasm into pairplay. Through Mindgasm,

The “I Do What I Don’t Want To Do” Day

The “I do what I don’t want to do – Day” Hello my friend, We all know them… those jobs and tasks we always put off. The mere thought of

Pleasure Beyond Sexual Arousal

Pleasure Beyond Arousal In the journey of self-discovery, Mindgasm might present an intriguing realization: pleasure is not always tethered to sexual arousal. It’s a nuanced exploration, distinguishing between the familiar