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Start your journey to reach Mindgasms
What is a Mindgasm?
Multiple Male G-Point Orgasms through Meditation


Here you will learn how to achieve minute long orgasms, over hours, without touching yourself.
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    Chair Flexes

    Learn how to do Chair Flexes that train your center and can lead to very pleasurable, involuntary “Chair pulsing” and even orgasms

    To fap or not to fap – should I stop masturbation

    If you struggle to advance on your Mindgasm journey, the best advice is: Stop masturbation and classic orgasms (CO).

    I can’t distinct base and center – the Shadowflex

    Learning to distinct Base and Center is one of the first steps towards the Mindgasm. But many struggle with this, as the difference is barely noticable when you start out. It's okay! You'll get there - here's why.