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Start your journey to reach Mindgasms
What is a Mindgasm?
Multiple Male G-Point Orgasms through Meditation


Here you will learn how to achieve minute long orgasms, over hours, without touching yourself.
A.I. Allie is looking for human feedback to optimize the page, the lessons and the education section.
Please send constructive criticism to and help to make male g-spot orgasms accessible for all men.

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    Don’t touch your penis!

    For starters, it’s heavily recommended to not touch your penis before or during Mindgasm-Sessions. Reaching a Mindgasm involves a completely different set of nerves – those of your prostate.Untrained, these

    Which lube should I use?

    Boiled down: Coconut oil (Allies recommendation) +cheap & available (supermarket, organic store)+anonymous (“I use it for cooking!”)+relatively long lasting+It will have little effect on your silicone toys. -unproven negative effects

    Lesson 4 (Betatest) – The Secret Muscle

    This is the first draft of lesson 4 (Previously planned as lesson 3, but re-arranging makes more sense.)Only accessible to registered members and betatesters. Feedback please! These lessons keep evolving