Welcome to the FAQ section where your curiosity meets clarity. As you navigate the realms of Mindgasm, here’s a handy guide to answer the common questions and ensure a smooth journey towards self-discovery.

Read this if you look for a basic guide how to go through the Mindgasm lessons.
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Read this if you’re seeking a basic guide on navigating through the Mindgasm lessons.
Additionally, don’t miss out on our blog, where many insightful articles await.

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The mindgasm is a different but very real kind of orgasm. 
It goes on for much longer, is more intense and “full-body” and can be repeated without pausing for as long as you can take it.
The source of these sensations is your Core – better known as the prostate.
It is the equivalent to the female G-Spot.
You’re used to orgasm through the physical stimulation of your primary sexual organ (aka jerking off)
To reach a Mindgasms you must not touch yourself but learn to focus on subtle feelings, that you forgot about.
You’ll learn to increase these sensations through attention and contractions of certain muscles in your pelvis.
When you start this journey, you have little control over these untrained muscles. 
Allie teaches you how  to gain control and strenghten them. 
Most feel first subtle tingles with their first lesson.
And it constantly gets better – the journey is as much fun as the goal.
Go try it – you don’t need a toy or preparation.

Friggin incredible. It’s next level shit, another dimension.

Read a few of these reports if you want to get hyped up.


That depends, people are different.
1-6 months seems like a realistic timeframe.

Most feel subtle tingles during their first lesson, which usually increases in the following sessions.

Many reach first pleasure waves within 2-4 weeks.

The most important factor is -as the name suggests- to reach the right mindset. 

There are no studies yet on the topic and no official numbers exist. 
We are all born with the potential to reach this pleasure, we share the same organs, the neural pathways.
It is very likely that everyone can experience mindgasms. But it takes dedication, training and – most important – the right mindset!
Can women achieve mindgasms too?
Mindgasm is created by a male for other males. (for now)
But the similarities between female G-Spot orgasms and male Prostate orgasms are a perfect match! 
You basically share the same muscles and erogenous zones.
It is very likely that females can unlock the same pleasures through contractions, focus and mindset.
Why not give it a try? 
Please share your experience!
Playing with your butt doesn’t make you gay. Or are all women who enjoy anal gay?!
Sadly, anything related to the male ass is still -maybe even increasingly- stigmatized.
Don’t let obsolete social deadends dictate who you are!
No matter if you are hetero, gay, from pluto.. embrace what your body has to offer!
Don’t ignore such a beautiful, enriching and empowering side of your sexuality.
It doesn’t make you less a man – it makes you more a human!
Stop fapping mindlessy and instead embrace your full sexual potential. Do you really think God/nature/the flying spagetthi-monster implemented this fantastic mechanism in everyone’s body without a reason?
Don’t waste it because others are narrowminded!
You are beautiful and your whole body is a wonder – deal with it like a man!
Without toys:
Not at all.
With a prostate massager: 
Not if you take care.
Your rectum is a passage way and not a storage facility (=colon)
Prostate massagers are short and don’t reach the storage.
Just make sure you went to the toilet not too long ago and are empty.
-If you want to make extra sure, clean yourself with an enema bulb. Ask google before.
-Putting a towel below always is a good idea.
-If you are advanced and expect to have wet squirting orgasms, put on a condom to catch any fluids.
-a diet high in fibers and fruit, low on dairy helps to keep stored goods solid
Is it dangerous?
Necessary disclaimer:
— None of the content on this website is medical or psychological advice! You do everything at your own risk and responsibility–
That out of the way, is learning these techniques dangerous?
Not if you act with care and responsibility.
-Stop if it hurts. See a doctor if pain doesn’t stop.
-Do it in moderation. Pauses of 2-3 days between sessions increase likeliness to advance in your journey.
-if you combine it with weed or other substances, know what you are doing! be FULLY aware of the risks that any substances brings with it.
Reports on “The Syndrome, Kundalini Psychosis”
First of all: Relax! You’re good! Please don’t panic. 
Among hundreds of positive reports only a handful mentions of this can be found.
So what is this?
For some achieving a mindgasm has similar effects as a psychedelic experience. 
It can fundamentally shake your being, your worldview, your perspective. 
In most cases that is good and actually the goal.
But if you are unprepared, come from a bad place, or are blocked by external reasons to change to your newfound self, this can cause psychological problems.
For many the tingles don’t stop after your first mindgasm, you keep noticing your prostate throughout the following days. 
Congratulations – this was the goal! You awakened it. You’ve re-activated the dormant neural pathways and your brain is finally receiving signals from its long lost son.
Let’s celebrate!
Of  course this can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to fall a asleep. Or talking to your boss at work.
You need to accept it as part of your new self and it will stop being a problem.
But if you choose to perceive these new signals as a problem, if you want to force it to stop, you might get a problem. 
Because “don’t think of pink elephants”! Trying to stop it means more focus on the sensations. And more focus will only increase them.
Embrace it, enjoy this pleasure as a part of your upgraded self, and everything will be fine!
Like with cannabis or psychedelics, the same rings true for Mindgasm:
Mindgasms are not to be used as escape from reality. You’ll need a clear mind to reach mindgasms anyway, so it would be pointless to try if your life/mind is a mess currently. 
If you are in a bad place psychologically, fix it first. Seek help & good luck! :-*
And if you’re doing good? You’ll be fine!


It is not really necessary to actually find it or feel it with your finger. You’ll get through the lessons fine without knowing it.
It can be helpful though, so:

First of all, toys are not a requirement for Mindgasms. You can feel all sensations without.
A prostate massager makes it easier though and increases the chance of success a lot.

Most important:
Don’t use vibrating toys.
Mindgasms start out with a very subtle sensation, those tiny first tingles. And you will learn to build them through focus and small muscle contractions.
Vibrations cause much “louder” sensations and will make you deaf for the little seed of pleasure that will grow into a mindgasm.
So what toy is good?
Most toys from Aneros are great and specifically designed. For starters, the MGX Trident or Helix Trident are good beginner models.
Don’t focus too much on “what’s the perfect toy!”
It’s 80% mindset and 20% toy. You can reach mindgasms without any toy at all.
And once unlocked, pretty much any toy will work!
Natural Coconut Oil.
It’s cheap and available in supermarkets.
It smells good.
It lasts long.
It seems compatible with Aneros products and won’t damage them (long term personal experience, try at own risk)
–Disclaimer: Mindgasm doesn’t recommend the irresponsible use of ANY legal or illegal substance! —
You must be familiar with the potential risks of cannabis use – research if you aren’t!
That out of the way:
Weed seems to help people a lot and seems to highten your senses and the amount of pleasure you will experience.
It also makes the music sound even better. 😉
If legal where you lve, you are psychologically stable and healthy and are aware of the risks? Might be worth to check it out.
All lessons are meant to be taken repeatedly – until you master the technique and your muscles are strong.
But of course you can move on to later lessons whenever you feel like it! 
You’ll notice if you are not ready, you might be unable to hold a contraction long enough or lack the independent control over base/center/top. In that case, return to the lesson/exercise that target it.
Just enjoy the journey and move at your own tempo. Do what feels good! Stay lighthearted.
Daily training is recommended, especially in the beginning. You need some basic strength and control if you want to reach higher levels of pleasure.
Once you training sets evolve into longer(1-2h+) pleasure-sessions it is a good idea to pause a day or two in between. It will increase the likeliness of reaching new milestones.
If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to ask Allie via the contact form.
Doing so, you agree that your question might be answered publicly (and anonymously) in the upcoming “Ask Allie”-Blog section.
For realtime conversation:
Join the Mindgasm Discord-Server – there’s many nice guys and fellow pleasure seekers there, chatting in real time.
The vibe is open and relaxed, not in the least awkward and you can ask any questions that is on your mind.


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