Don’t touch your penis!

For starters, it’s heavily recommended to not touch your penis before or during Mindgasm-Sessions.

Reaching a Mindgasm involves a completely different set of nerves – those of your prostate.
Untrained, these nerve-pathways are like a field road, compared to that well trained superhighway that connects your penis and your brain.

Any stimulation of the penis will override the subtle sensations that your G-Spot causes.

So ignore your penis, even it’s hard. Hard as in “hard to do” as well as “physically hard”.
Prostate orgasms don’t need any input from the penis. Don’t get distracted. You’re here to learn something new, to walk new roads. Build these roads!

If you have mastered the basics of Mindgasms, adding penile touch can add an incredible dimension. 
But for starters and intermediates:

Don’t touch it!


PS: It’s okay to finish off a Mindgasm-Session with a good old classic wank. It will feel much better, than without preparationn Especially if you keep the prostate toy in and focus on your G-Spot.

But even better: Go Nofap! It will speed up the re-wiring process immensely!


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