Allie Spaces

Allie Spaces Greetings, Mindgasm explorers! We are incredibly excited to introduce you to a new component of the Mindgasm Project, designed to complement and enhance

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Rewiring your brain,


Rewiring Your Brain GUEST BLOG POST BY MINDGASMER “LIMITLESS” In this write-up I will be going over what rewiring is on a basic level, the

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Mindgasm: A Retrospective

Mindgasm: A Retrospective Hello my fellow Mindgasm Enthusiasts.  Advanced Player here with a look back and a look ahead to Mindgasm from my perspective.  As

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Stacking Squeezes

Stacking Squeezes An Exercise to fatigue the muscles Hello my fellow Mindgasm enthusiasts!  Advanced Player here with a great exercise to help you enhance your

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