Hello my friend!

I am sooo proud of you! You made it through your first week – 7 days can be a long time, especially if you are used to daily masturbation. You’ll find a little reward at the end of this days page. 

But first: How do you feel? Have you noticed changes? 
  • Body
  • Mood
  • Social behaviour
And what about the new way – have you felt pleasure? How would you describe it? How does it compare to the pleasure of classic masturbation? 
Take a few notes on this weeks progress – it will be interesting to read those later on your journey.
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Today the food for thought is a bit more general:
Challenging yourself for a change is easy. Everyone can start – it’s the finishing that is difficult for most.

What most underestimate is the big gap that taking away a big chunk of your life causes. If you don’t have anything to keep replace it, you will always look back at what you left behind and crave it even more.

You need to FILL THE GAP!


The best way to fill the gap is to fill it with something you are passionate about. A hobby, an interest, a dedication. Everyone has this. And you likely know it. It doesn’t have to be something big or mindblowing. It could be collecting stamps, a passion for space, a love for cats.. anything. 

Just follow the passion! Space? Get a cheap used telescope and look at the moon..
Start small and keep building on it. Adding over time. Becoming better. Leveling up equipment as you grow.

Make it a part of your life. Only you can do that, find that passion yourself. It’s not Netflix. It’s not Instagram. Those are what distract you from your passion.

You got no time for picking up a hobby?
The average earthling spendst 145 minutes on social media. Every. Single. Day.


If you’re passionate about a thing, you’ll find a way!
If you are not, you’ll find an excuse.


I have zero doubt that you will find 30 minutes for your passion each day! Get excited!

Following your passion will reward you with fullfillment and joy. Something to look forward to during the dull, exhausting moments in life. So how about today you take a walk, preferrably in nature. And while you walk think about what you actually like doing, what you liked doing as kid, what you have or had passion for. Think about how you could re-ignite that with a low effort/cost activity.

And when you return home – do the first steps. Follow your passion! Fill the gap with something good from now on, and the rest of this challenge will become a walk in the park.


It’s time to reward you for lasting 7 full days without classic masturbation! 
Get carried away by the eternal waves. Just loose yourself in the sound.
Or find out how well you already understand the musical language of Mindgasm. Relax and (or) follow the cues the soundtrack gives you. Do what feels right, today you can just go play with pleasure and follow your own lead. Just keep it light, after all, it’s Relaxation day.

You’ll need well rested muscles for finding your “Sweetspot” tomorrow. 🙂

And what would a relaxation day be without at least one round of the Equilibrium Meditation:


Hey there!
How do you like the challenge so far?
It is challenging indeed, but we hope our motivations, infos and most important the exercises help you along your path.
Our beloved Patrons find a little bonus reward on Patreon. A 2 hour 4k “Allie Space”, to be enjoyed as digital “fireplace” mood background. 
During production of the challenge, the new Allie Spaces were playing constantly in the background, helping ourselves to get into the creative flow.
Turns out they are as good for relaxing and meditating as they are for work. 🙂 

And a lot of work is going into this free 1 month course. 
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